Relevant legal regulations for (piezo) ceramics

Substance Regulatoions for (Piezo-)Ceramics are:

  • Directive 2011/65/EU* (RoHS-Directive, RoHS);
  • Directive 2000/53/EG (ELV-Directive, ELV-RL);
  • Regulation (EG) Nr. 1907/2006 (REACH-Regulation, REACH);

The RoHS Directive regulates („bans“) the use of certain hazardous substances, among others lead and its compounds, in most electrical and electronic equipment (EEE), but exempts specific applications on Annexes III and IV from these restrictions for a certain time.

The ELV Directive in parts regulates the same substances like RoHS, but only for vehicles in the scope of the ELV, mainly cars and smaller trucks. Like RoHS, there are exemptions - listed on ELV Annex II - which are limited in time and scope.

REACh regulates the putting on market and use of an increasing number of substances for almost all products and production processes in the EU. The use of “Substances of Very High Concern” triggers information obligations along the supply chain.



* Search for „All consolidated versions“ on web page, check availability of “Amendments” with a later date than the one of the latest consolidated version (column above consolidated versions)