Following links highlight the potential of piezotechnology for materials treatment.

2016 Video URL https://youtu.be/byymlCzwpck

Destroying kidney stones with shock waves

How to destroy kidney stones: Explanation of the Spitalzentrums Biel (SZB), Schweiz

(in German)



2016 Video URL https://youtu.be/fiqnAFpdHkE

Ultrasound desintegration of bio-solids

The video shows the effect of ultrasound on biomass: biological degradation processes are enhanced and biogas production is increased

(in German)




2016 Video URL https://youtu.be/nbjhSCqUjMc

ULTRASONIC-supported machining: grinding, milling and drilling 

Die ULTRASONIC-technology of DMG MORI allows for the economic production of complex shaped components made of high-tech materials, like ceamic, glas, hard metal, and composites. The specfic superposition of machine tool rotation with piezo generatied oscillatioons reduces processing forces by about 40%.

(in German)